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DARCO - Reign of Elements Wiki/Section 1

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Welcome to the Official DARCO - Reign of Elements Wiki
Welcome to the DARCO - Reign of Elements Wiki
The DARCO - Reign of Elements is Steampunk survival game with dragons that is being Developed by TP Studios
This wiki is being updated by players.
DARCO - Reign of Elements

As a mechanic you and your dragon explore what is left of humanity's last refuge: a fleet of huge flying ships which hover over an endless ocean. To survive in this post-apocalyptic world you have to scavenge your surroundings and defend yourself against creatures and other players. You have to build a base, improve it and learn. Equipment and tower upgrades help you to get you own food, water and electricity supply which is essential for survival in DARCO.

You encounter mechanical beasts in the world. These creatures can be converted and used to your own benefit. You also come across hostile dragons that you have to combat. The dragons, belonging to different elements, can be bred though and make it easier to explore and fight.

DARCO is Currently in 'Early Access' as of 5th May 2018 Steam

you can follow the changes via the Patch notes