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Current Build[edit | edit source]


- Added the Dungeon! Be aware of the dark. A torch may bring light in the dark.


- Dropping more than one items in a row will add those items to the same loot box (not spawning dozens of loot boxes anymore)
- moon and sun move much smoother now
- fish shows when it dies now
- admin: god mode protects dragon from damage, too
- bigger animation box for outgrown dragon
- show all ammunition of the selected weapon in the hotbar slot of said weapon

Issues Fixed:

- Keybinding did not effect movement of dragon
- health points of construction elements did not show up on interaction text
- dragon switched to roam after dismounting dragon
- experience bar lagged behind inventory
- dragon did not receive the new gained level under very rare conditions
- torch animation should look the same in first and third animation now
- beasts did not respawn correctly
- slingshot added to common damage calculations

Past Builds[edit | edit source]


- mostly low and mit level beasts on the ship
- low level beasts don't deal enough damage for one hits anymore
- New Items: small and big medikit
- New Items: grilled mushrooms
- Changed recipe: Arrow no longer needs mosquito sting
- added epic items
- work benches tiers include prior tiers


- Creating new crew windows will select the 'Type your Crew Name here' Text, so players don't have to manually delete it
- inviting players that can't join will send a message with reason to the inviting player
- new alligator mesh and texture
- added grid to map
- construction elements will refresh much faster
- roof interaction zone scaled up
- added death marker

Issues Fixed:

- mined scrap piles did not display their status if you were not around when it was mined
- learning deadlock after using the learning widget
- was not possible to use double click or right click to move items from inventory to chopping block
- Sounds and Attenuation revised
- removed empty chests from the map
- all red chests need a key now
- Roof limited Tower level one too early
- loading construction system was faulty, we built a new one, no more red construction elements
- Dragon Stats sometimes gone missing on relog
- picked herbs respawned on relog
- in some waters the post processing volume was to high, showing under water effects over the surface
- empty loot boxes did respawn on the next try to open it, not when empty
- selected hotbar items duplicated on player death
- weight was not recalculated on every needed occasion
- Crew ID was not set on all the actors when joining a crew
- scrap pile had no audio feedback on hit
- chat did not work when interactable was selected
- could not equip armor after player death
- some doors did not show correct state after relog

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